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Power Outage
michaely123, 11-25-2021, 7:03PM

A random power outage. Internet back online at 7:10PM.

UPDATE Another power outage at 7:37PM. Internet back online at 9:33PM.

(Edited on 11/25/2021 at 9:33PM.)

Server Problems
michaely123, 9-30-2021, 12:22AM

Server SSD replaced.

Server Problems
michaely123, 9-27-2021, 3:58AM

Server SSD failed.

Power Outage
michaely123, 6-24-2021, 3:33AM

Server PSU replaced.

Power Outage
michaely123, 6-11-2021, 1:03PM

Server PSU died, need to replace the PSU soon.

Power Outage
michaely123, 3-19-2021, 5:31PM

A random power outage! Internet back online at 5:36PM. Still need to purchase a UPS for my modem.

Server Maintenance
michaely123, 10-27-2020, 12:54AM

Patching OS to the latest update. Maintenance completed at 1:27AM.

Power Issues
michaely123, 7-18-2020, 9:15AM

Gateway had internet connectivity issues. At 10:20AM, everything is back up now.

Power Issues
michaely123, 4-11-2020, 8:05PM

Circuit breaker tripped at 7:44PM PST and my gateway's UPS needs to be replaced. At 7:53PM, everything is back up now.

Power Issues
michaely123, 10-30-2019, 4:36AM

May experience power outages or blackouts from the wildfires and wind advisory.

New Part of the Website
michaely123, 11-13-2018, 9:02PM

To check if the TeamSpeak 3 Server is down, the website is

Power Outage
michaely123, 10-10-2018, 6:30PM

Internet UPS ran out of power, electricty issues on 10/10 at 4:56PM, now it is back up and running. ISP back up at 6:23PM. Sorry for the inconvenience. (Edited on 10/10 at 6:30PM.)

Internet Problems
michaely123, 7-26-2018, 3:15AM

Internet issues on 7/26 at 2:01AM, now it is back up and running. ISP back up at 3:12AM. Sorry for the inconvenience. (Edited on 7/26 at 3:15AM.)

Internet Problems
michaely123, 7-4-2018, 1:40AM

Internet issues on 7/4 at 1:40AM, now it is back up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience. (Edited on 7/4 at 2:12AM.)

Internet Problems
michaely123, 4-7-2018, 1:05PM

Internet modem crashed at 4/7 at 4:15AM, now it is back up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Server Problems
michaely123, 12-2-2017, 5:24PM

The TeamSpeak 3 Server shut down randomly, looks like a NPL License issue right now. Will resolve this with TeamSpeak Support! As for now, the TeamSpeak 3 Server will be running without a NPL License for now.

Server Problems
michaely123, 9-23-2017, 4:53PM

Power restored, moving TeamSpeak 3 Server back from AWS. AWS had some issues last night, sorry for the downtime!

Server Problems
michaely123, 9-22-2017, 4:15AM

Power still not restored, moving the TeamSpeak 3 Server to AWS.

Server Problems
michaely123, 9-22-2017, 3:23AM

Power Outage! UPS kicked in for modem, router, and server. Will only have about a hour worth of power.

New Server
michaely123, 2-17-2017, 4:20PM

New server just came in:

Server Specs: Supermicro SuperServer E200-8D

CPU: Intel Xeon D-1528 6 Core 12 Thread


Storage: Intel SSD 600p Series M.2 256GB

Server Problems
michaely123, 1-26-2017, 7:15PM

Looks like the server died 1/23 in the morning and I'm trying to fix it. Running ts temporarily on a computer that temporarily unstable. Still don't know when I'll fix it.